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Aulii Mix Course

Aulii Spa Mix Course90min¥12,800

Hawaiian Lomi & a choice between Stone, Facial & Dry.
A mix course with the standard Lomi Treatment, and a choice between Hot Stone,Facial, and Dry. One of our most popular menu.

Hawaiian Lomi Treatment

Hawaiian Lomi Treatment60min¥7,800

A standard Lomi Lomi treatment course using the palms, forearms, fingers with organic oil to obtain optimal health.

  • Improve blood circulation and lymph flow of the body. Relieves fatigue. Relaxation.
  • Dieting and detox effects. Improves a balance of autonomic nerves.

Hot Stone Treatment

Hot Stone Treatment60min¥9,800

A type of oil treatment using a hot stone (Temperature around 50C-60C, 122F-140F)
Warms your body from deep inside giving better blood circulation, relieving swelling and fatigue, and balances the body.

  • Improves body circulation, swelling, metabolism. Detox effect.

Hawaiian Facial

Hawaiian facial30min4,800円

A hand treatment of the face, circulating blood and beautifying the skin.

(30min course includes: Cleansing, washing, treatment, moisturizing)
(60min course includes: Cleansing, washing, treatment, face pack, moisturizing)
  • Improves dryness, skin, spots, pores, dullness, acne. Balances face.

Dry Lomi

Dry Lomi30min4,800円

A Lomi treatment without oil. Massaging with the palms, forearms, and fingers for relaxation.


Intestine Lomi
Hot Stone
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TRINITY specializes in traditional Hawaiian Lomi Lomi treatments (massaging, hot stone treatment, clensing, relaxation, etc.) to obtain optimal health and balancing the body.
We do not provide sexual massages and will not be tolerated.

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